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Forensic Science - Product Liability

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K-Chem Labs is a private forensic laboratory started in 1977, providing services to insurance companies, police departments, fire departments, lawyers, private investigators and individuals.


Our services include Consultation, Laboratory Experimentation, Testing and Field Investigations.


We have performed over 200 test burns on buildings, cars, boats and trucks as part of seminars, test cases and legal proceedings.

We investigate fires throughout North America to determine their origin and cause.


We have provided expert testimony in courts throughout the North America over 200 times

 and have been involved in thousands of cases



We provide training in the area of Fire Investigation at seminars or at customers locations.

Training includes basic knowledge through advanced knowledge. This includes origin and cause, fire pattern vectoring and reasons why accidental fires occur too detecting intentionally set fires.


We provide complete review of files and/or documents; make recommendations on insurance or criminal cases and how to proceed on obtaining further information and help in preparing the case for trial and providing testimony if needed.


We travel throughout North America servicing our customers.

Our fee schedule is tailored to meet the need of the assignment.
Investigation and Travel  time is billed at a different rate.

Please email or call for a quote.


Field Investigations:

Fire/Arson Investigation

Collecting Evidence at Scenes

Examination of Electrical Equipment

Marine Fraud

Vehicle Fire Investigation

Boat/Vessel Fire Investigation

Heavy Equipment Fire Investigation

Drug Weighing
For those cases where the actual weight of the drugs is critical

Approved Vendor for the Committee for Public Council Services

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